Lisa Knotts

Senior Corporate Consultant

Lisa Knotts

Indirectly, Lisa’s first job as a waitress at “Londoner’s Fish & Chips” at age 14 launched her lifelong career in travel. It was from those steady (if meagre) paycheques that she funded herself on a school trip to London, and the travelbug bit her hard for the first time!

Along the way, Lisa’s inquisitive nature has taken her to such special places as Sintra, Portugal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful village with winding streets, narrow alleys and whitewashed buildings perched atop a hillside, with many museums and amazing views. Lisa stumbled upon Sintra in 1992, and vows to return one day.

If she could meet anyone from the past or present, it would be Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter. Lisa herself is an avid knitter, and she recommends the website Ravelry for anyone with a similar passion. An invaluable member of the Forbes team, Lisa has come a long way since being named “most improved student” in grade 4!

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