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Tell us once. We’ll remember forever. Managing your records, travel preferences and other travel details is something we take seriously. We’ve created systems that manage the details automatically. To make bookings easier. To help us know and understand the way you travel. And to make the process fast and efficient.

Your Travel Needs

Tell us your preferred airlines and seating requirements, special meal preferences, hotel, car and frequent flyer programs. We enter the information into our database, and automatically access it every time you make a booking for seamless, efficient service. All of it kept completely confidential of course.
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Your Company’s Travel Needs

Tell us about your company – typical travel patterns, any pre-negotiated agreements or rates, and your wish list as to how Forbes can best serve your company’s travel needs.
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Your Travel Expenses

Let us keep track of your travel expenses. We will streamline your budget, negotiate airline, hotel and car rental agreements. Even provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports so you can track your company’s travel activity and costs at a glance.

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Getting your tickets is never a problem, even if it’s a last minute booking. We send most tickets electronically, or you can access them online through TripCase.

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