Igor Crystal

Senior Corporate Consultant

Igor Crystal

Igor is a big fan of Mexico, both the country and its cuisine! His favourite trip of all time was to an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, where he fell in love with the laid-back atmosphere, the swaying palms, and one of the best beaches in the world. On the other side of Mexico, he literally found a true hidden gem, the appropriately named Hidden Beach. This beach, located on the Marieta Islands, at the entrance to Banderas Bay, is just off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Only during low tide can you swim to this secluded paradise!

The most arduous trip he has ever taken was the one that brought him from Russia to Vancouver. It involved multiple forms of transportation, namely bus, overnight train, metro, airplanes, taxis, and nearly 48 hours without sleep, including overnight inside Moscow’s Shermetyevo Airport. The most unusual form of transportation he’s ever experienced was as a passenger onboard a cycle rickshaw in Peru.

Igor enjoys playing tennis when the weather permits, and computer games when it doesn’t. He reads medical thrillers and adventure novels by his favourite authors, James Rollins and Clive Cussler. As a math and science fan, Albert Einstein remains the one person he most wishes he could have met.

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