Deirdre Baxter


Deirdre Baxter

It was an excursion to an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, on New Year’s Eve 1990 where Deirdre had a revelation. Up until then, she thought she hated curry, but there was no way out of attending this festive celebration. At the restaurant, she was advised that Rogan Josh was the least “curry-ish”, so she gamely gave it a try, and ended up trying everyone else’s dinners, and discovered SHE LOVED CURRY! Now she just needs a visit to her favourite cuisine’s birthplace, India, to seal the deal!

Her most memorable vacation as a child was the time her father took a four month sabbatical, and her parents pulled her and her three siblings out of school. They then embarked on a cross-USA tour, followed by a flight to the UK, and then back to Canada, where they towed a trailer crosscountry, listening to six different eight-track tapes the whole way!

Her first real job was slinging food at the PNE at the age of 12. Her 15 year-old sister got a job first, then the two of them convinced their mom that Deirdre would be safe working alongside her. She will never forget those two weeks, it was quite the eye-opener. Deirdre’s favourite website these days is, where she says one can find literally a million photos to help the avid renovator get ideas!

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