The Dedicated Team Provides An Exceptional Quality of Service

International business travel is vital for Methanex, a global company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Over the past ten years, Forbes Travel International has provided prompt and personalized service for our employees. Their dedicated team of travel professionals goes the extra mile to provide an exceptional quality of service, especially distinctive in today’s Internet-booking environment. From the moment our travel needs are discussed with the team at Forbes, we receive their special brand of “attention to detail”, whether it be useful updates on the impact of new flight schedules, changes in carriers, governmental restrictions or other adjustments that may affect our travellers.

Their monthly e-newsletter, as well as their online itineraries using TripCase are highly valued by our busy business travellers. Downloading the TripCase app allows our travelers to have everything from flights updates and delays, gate departures, hotels and car rentals at their fingertips. Most importantly, everyone at Forbes understands our global travel guidelines and the manner in which we like to conduct business. It is easy to rest assured when working with Forbes Travel International and we gladly entrust our business travel needs with them

by Forbes Team on 02/16/2018 in