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How New Cannabis Laws Pertain To Canadian Travellers

How New Cannabis Laws Pertain To Canadian Travellers

On October 17th, Canadians will be able to use marijuana, regardless of whether it’s for medicinal purposes or not.

Passengers will be permitted to have a legal amount of cannabis, which is 30 grams, in either their carry on or checked bag if they are flying within Canada. Canadian Aviation regulations prohibit smoking on board an aircraft, and those regulations will also apply to the smoking of cannabis.
It’s extremely important to remember that travellers going to the USA are subject to US federal law, which supersedes any particular state laws. Crossing the border or arriving at a U.S. port of entry in violation of this law may result in denied admission, seizure, fines, and apprehension. So, for example, although cannabis is legal in Washington state, you are absolutely not allowed to take marijuana on board your Vancouver-Seattle flight.
Also, according to the Government of Canada website, despite the fact that cannabis will become legal and regulated in Canada, it will remain illegal to transport cannabis across Canada's national borders. This prohibition applies even if you are authorized to use cannabis for medical purposes, no matter how much cannabis you have with you, and even if you are travelling to or from an area where cannabis has been legalized or decriminalized.
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