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Air Transat now accepting pets onboard

Air Transat now accepting pets onboard

Air Transat recently announced that it is now offering Economy class passengers the chance to travel with their pets in the aircraft’s cabin.

Designed to provide passengers with greater peace of mind, the enhanced policy allows cats and dogs 10 kg (22 pounds) or less (including the weight of their cage) on the vast majority of the carrier’s flights. Caged animals must be placed under the seat in front of passengers.

In the event an allergic passenger is seated close to an animal, accommodating measures will be taken once onboard.

Travellers interested in this new service are invited to reserve their pet’s place by contacting your Forbes Travel consultant well in advance of travel. Travellers can also make arrangements upon arrival at the airport, however the number of animals allowed to travel in the cabin is limited.

The price per flight, per animal in cabin is $50 for domestic, South and U.S. flights, and $90 for Europe flights. Only cats and dogs are allowed on Air Transat flights.

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