Stephanie Mernagh

Leisure Travel Advisor

Stephanie Mernagh

Stephanie’s sense of adventure has taken her far and wide, having visited over 30 countries already, and with a great desire to travel to many more. On a recent trip to Iceland, she stumbled across a random blog with rough directions to a hidden waterfall. In order to get there, she needed to walk behind a museum, jump a barbed wire fence, climb a rock wall, and follow the river (if it was flowing) – and it was totally worth it to end up at an amazing waterfall that she was able to walk behind and under!

At the age of 19, Stephanie decided to pack a bag and headed off to Asia, without anything booked beyond her flights to Bangkok, Bali, Auckland and Sydney for the next three months. Her brother’s surprise wedding plans interrupted the trip, after three weeks in Thailand and another three in Bali, so it seems she might still have some unfinished plans related to that part of the globe.

She loves Italy, with a particular fondness for its carb-laden food. On her most recent of many visits, she learned how to make authentic Italian pizza while in Napoli, and could have a promising future as a pizzaiolo should her current career not “pan out” as planned.

In her younger years, she dearly wanted to become a baker (to satisfy her huge sweet tooth), or a cake decorator (to appeal to her perfectionist nature). Later, in her teenage years, she realized she was a terrible baker, with everything turning out either too burnt, too dry, too sweet, or just plain inedible. Sadly, this remains for her a dream that can never be.

A former track and field athlete, Stephanie holds the 2nd fastest time in Canada for the 50m sprint, and in Grade 6 she ran the anchor leg in the 4x100m relay and broke a 25 year record in the process!

If Hollywood ever gets around to making a movie about her life, she wants Jennifer Aniston in the lead role, not only to capture the dramatic and sarcastic aspects of her character, but to also throw in the occasional “Friends” pun, since Stephanie has viewed all 236 episodes of that series.

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